Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Layers of Perspective

Had I not read our textbook, I would have seen this video as a slice of totally Western "Bollywood", and that would have been the extent of it. No doubt, it's current, with all the requisite glitz and glamour, however, since I HAVE read Viswanathan/Allen, I have another layer of perspective to lay on top of my Western viewpoint.  For one thing, I can recognize tiny bits of raga and tala influence in the rhythm and melody of the song. I can draw a thread from the dance dramas we studied where the hero and heroine are in conflict.  I can feel the tenor of the language being similar to "Didn't I Tell You, Girl"...I can relate the centuries of male dominated society and music to the relationship between these two modern-day young people.  The watching experience wasn't life-changing, but I felt I had a new, more acute pair of glasses I was looking through.

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